We worked with Flaptor and numerous other contact number websites. We helped them to list content that was centered around ringing a popular provider such as BT, Sky, Halifax or even Thames Water. This allowed people to make quick phone calls easier than ever before, without being pushed into emailing by the company themselves. 

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The Challenge

The challenge was to create thousands of pages about calling a company, without having them sound alike. We also had to utilise long-tail keywords that were used by hundreds of competitors, without phrasing the content the same way. The challenge was to also locate the numbers on the main company site, as companies often hide their own phone numbers in an attempt to reduce the amount of pressure placed on their call centres.

What We Did

We worked diligently to ensure that every piece we wrote was unique and to also make sure that we obtained every phone number possible from the company site. We also made sure that we met the appropriate deadlines while tracking the content on SerpBooks to ensure that we prioritised any pages that experienced an influx of views.

What We Achieved
We effectively worked on one of the biggest phone projects to date. We created thousands of pages, manually, while also working across 50+ websites to ensure that the operator had a long-standing presence on the internet. 
Phone pages constructed
Websites worked on
Boosted lead generation
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