Stand4Socks is a charitable campaign that focuses on selling different styles of socks to help different causes. Some sock profits are donated to the cause of gender equality, others to the homeless and some go to helping those who are in dire need of an education in deprived countries. Stand4Socks actually sent us some of their socks, and we chose to support the educational sector. You can see a picture of our socks below!

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The Challenge

The challenge for us was to create a post that would instill excitement in people as well as helping those who wanted to join the cause feel comfortable in doing so. 

What We Did

We created a post that effectively outlined what the company wanted to accomplish and the work that they have done in the past. We also outlined the fact that the socks sold came with a logo that symbolized the cause itself, providing effective marketing copy that would go on to drive results.

What We Achieved

We worked with Stand4Socks free of charge, donating our own time to creating copy that would really help them to get to where they need to be. We are proud of our own charity work, and we will continue to help charities to spread the good word while also helping those who need it the most.
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