Carver Dan

Carver Dan

Carver Dan is an expert woodworker. He is based in the US with a factory in Vietnam. He is very unique in his approach to his work, as he only uses natural wood to achieve the final result. His craft is intarsia, and he doesn't use paint or stain at all. After working with Dan on some of his copywriting projects, he created this sign for us and we couldn't be happier about it!

The Challenge

Dan's aim was to create content that would appeal to those who have pets, or those who have lost their pet recently. He has the ability to recreate a wooden replica of any pet by using a photo alone, so it was really important for us to get this across in the content while also making sure that we kept the integrity of the site and his work aligned with his own future goals.

What We Did

We created copy for his blog and his website, using images of his previous work to learn more about his work. We also utilised video content to write about his previous adventures so he could establish a personal connection with those who he worked with.

What We Achieved

We delivered copy on time and on budget, and Carver Dan was very impressed with the result. We are proud to have worked with him in the past and we continue to work with him to this day on his site. We helped him to create a large catalogue of content that could be backdated and this helped to boost the ranking of his numerously owned websites.
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