Carl Ceder Attorney at Law

Carl Ceder Law Office

Carl Ceder is a qualified, experienced and diligent defense lawyer who needed us to create content for his website. He also needed us to write some eBooks on what to do if you are arrested in the state of Texas, with heavy research done to ensure that the content itself was catered to a US audience, namely to the area of Delaware, Texas.

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The Challenge

The challenge for us was to create content that really connected with the reader. In Carl's instance, it would be read by people who were facing a potential jail term for their offenses. The content we created advised the reader on how to choose a lawyer, the various implications of choosing the wrong one, and the various pitfalls of navigating the judicial system.

What We Did

We created eBooks, website content, blog posts and more for Carl. We re-vamped his site and ensured that every page had informative content that made the reader believe in Carl and all of his previous success. We are proud to say that we have worked with such a talented and remarkable individual, and we are also proud to say that we will continue to work on his site and content when required.

What We Achieved

We worked closely with Carl to ensure that he had everything he needed to truly educate his clients about the court process while also working with him to give him top quality content that would continue to serve him for years to come.  Carl's dedication to his craft is very much like our own, and we thoroughly enjoyed every project we worked on.
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