PBN Content Development

We worked closely with PBN sellers to effectively write content that increased the value of the site as well as the sites that it linked to. We have extensive experience in writing for PBN/VPN sites and we are proud to say that we have never once been late delivering an order. Our extensive PBN writing experience has enabled us to work with some of the finest professionals in the industry.


We worked on the Flaptor website to ensure that people could quickly find the phone numbers they needed. We created content that focused on the relevant keywords while also ensuring that the number itself was easy to find. We worked on roughly 6,000 pages for numerous sites including Flaptor, to help rank the site's pages accordingly. We also utilised SerpBooks to follow and maintain the ranked sites.


Stand4Socks is a charity that focuses on selling socks that go towards charitable causes. We worked on some blog content free of charge to try and support the movement. We are proud to be sporting socks ourselves that support the educational system in deprived countries and Content Heroes will always be a strong advocate in helping others and charities to achieve their goals.

Carver Dan

Carver Dan needed some blog content to boost both their Amazon sales and their website sales. The blogs we wrote were catered towards their social media audience, using both products from their site and upcoming products to advertise their work. We also worked with customer reviews and showcased their previous work. We utilised video content to delve into the heart of what they stand for, so we could effectively tell the world about their work and their achievements. They even sent us a free Content Heroes sign as a thank you!

Carl Ceder Attorney at Law

Carl Ceder has been an absolute pleasure to work with. We worked with him on his site and to also ensure that he had valuable content to support those who were going through the court process. We catered the content to an American audience, namely in the state of Texas and at the same time, spent hours researching the state laws themselves so we could deliver content that would ultimately help Carl to change people's lives.

Grafik Hub

Grafik Hub needed content for their entire site. We worked on blog posts, website content, service pages and more to ensure that their site was driving leads and continually bringing in a higher level of profit for their business. We enjoyed working with the Grafik Hub team and we wish them all of the best for the future. 
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